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Architecture Links

ArquiWWW magazine - All the latest Portuguese architectural news
The WWW Virtual Library: Architecture
Alt.Architecture Newsgroup - On-line architecture forum
Alt.Architecture.Alternative Newsgroup - Alternative on-line architecture forum
Jeanne Brown's "Internet Sources in Architecture and Building"
Cornish Productions - Excellent architectural source
Yahoo's Architecture pages - Contains hundreds of links to other architectural sites
Lab. d'Energie Solaire et de Physique du Batiment, Lausanne
Architectural sites on the web
University of New South Wales AutoCAD page
Maastricht - Siza himself has designed several buildings here
Stephen Peter - School of Architecture, University of New South Wales
Stefan Mueller - Catalogue of architectural links in Germany

Portuguese Links

SAPO - Portuguese WWW Search Engine
WebGround - 420 free background textures
Top 5% Portugal - The best (and worst) of what Portugal has to offer on the Web
Portugal on the WWW - A guide to Portuguese home pages
Quinta do Condado - 2400 acre estate for development 40 miles south of Lisbon

Miscellaneous Links

GNN Whole Internet Catalog
Damon Hill's home page - Faster than a fast thing!
Point NOW News Guide - Up-to-date news and information on just about anything
Galileo Project Information - The latest on the historic voyage to Jupiter
New Riders' Official World Wide Web Yellow Pages
The PostMaster - Announce Your URL Everywhere!

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