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If you would like to order one or more Blau Monographs and have them charged to your Visa credit card, please fill out our Visa-only form below. Choose the Send Order button when complete and your monograph(s) will be shipped the next working day. If your browser does not support forms, your order may be placed by e-mail, fax or telephone (please remember to include the information shown below). For cheque, postal order or other forms of payment, please see below.

VISA only order form

Qty. Monograph Name           ISBN       HC/PB  Sub-total

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Non-VISA orders

If you browser does not support forms or you do not wish to pay by Visa, you can order your monographs by E-mail, by fax ((351-1) 793 8341), by telephone ((351 1) 797 9912) or by normal post (see the address at the bottom of this screen). Whichever method you choose, please include the following information:

1. Full name and address.
2. Telephone/fax number (optional).
3. E-mail address (optional)
4. The title and ISBN number (if applicable) of the monograph(s) you wish to purchase.
5. Hard copy/paperback edition.
6. Method of payment (cheque*/postal order/other).
7. The following reference number: MK-01-11.

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery. Cheques should be made payable to Editorial Blau, Lda.

Editorial Blau, Lda.
Av. Marques de Tomar, 68 - 4A
Lisbon, Portugal
Tel: +351-1-797-9912 Fax: +351-1-793-8341
E-mail: Blau webmaster

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