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RestorationThe Frigate

On October 2nd 1990, a protocol between the Portuguese Navy and the National Commission for the Commemorations of the Portuguese Discoveries was signed with the aim of carrying on the project of restoration of the Frigate "D.Fernando".

The rebuilding and restoration of the ship was entrusted to the Navy and the Arsenal do Alfeite was the organisation charged of the works.

This project, considered by the Government as of cultural interest and fitting in the "Lei do Mecenato", was immediately of interest for many public and private Corporations, Foundations, Institutions, etc., which, together with the Portuguese Government, financially contributed to the rebuilding of the Frigate.

On the 20th January 1992, the hull of the "D.Fernando" was put to refloat and removed from the place where it had been laying healed and half sunk (Mar da Palha / River Tagus).

In September of that same year, the remaining of the ship, were transported on a floating dock and towed to the shipyard "Ria-Marine", in Aveiro, where the recovering works began.

In 1997, the frigate returned to Lisbon to complete the restoration works and equip her to become a floating museum. "D.Fernando" as from April 1998 was delivered to the Naval Museum and prepared for the Expo'98 where, in a fitting dock, she will be one of the attractions for thousands of visitors who will come to Lisbon in the year we commemorate the arrival of Vasco da Gama to India by sea.

As a living museum we want her to be the Frigate "D. Fernando II e Glória", and apart from the equipment of a 19th century sailing ship and the reconstitution of the scenes of the life aboard at that time, will be able to be used for temporary exhibitions, concerts, conferences to be held in the deck, covered sheds and the battery of the ship. The entities, organisms and corporations that, with their financial contribution helped this project become a reality, will privileged in the use of these spaces.

"D.Fernando" will therefore be an eloquent testimony of the brilliant Maritime Portuguese History, the pride of the present generation and the example to be followed by the coming generations.


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