Fresh Fish Links

These are my favorite links but there should be tens of interesting sites that I've never visited. If you know other useful sites then, please, let me know about them by sending me a message.

If you are a newbie, remember, you should always start by reading the FAQs.

FINS One of the best fish sites.
FreshWater Catalog Very useful fish database from FINS. If includes information for each fish species, and pictures.
JAWS General Information. It includes a help desk facility where the user can describe a problem and receive the answer by email.
The Krib General information.
Fish Link Central General information and lots of links.
Aquarium Fish Page General information. It includes interesting data about bettas.
Tankbusters Information and pictures about big and aggressive fish.

CHOP: Cichlid Home Page Information about cichlids. It includes a useful species database with pictures.
South American Cichidae Information and phylogeny of the South American Cichlids.
Cichlid Research home page Cichlid scientific projects
Alain's Mbunasite Information about Malawi cichlids including images and environment. Very well strutured.
Tanganyika Cichlid Homepage Information about cichlids from lake Tanganyika.
The Cichlid Cellar Pictures of cichlids from african lakes.

Angelfish Breeding FAQ Useful and beautiful Angelfish site.
The Zebrafish Server Large amount of data about Zebra Danio, including online book.
International Killifish Association Information about Killies.
Betta Barracks Information about Bettas.
Rainbowfish study group Information about rainbowfish.

Tropica This is a commercial site but it is also one of the best sources of information about plants available on the net.
Center for Aquatic Plants Aquatic plants database from the University of Florida

rec.aquaria.freshwater.cichlids Discussion about Cichlids
rec.aquaria.freshwater.goldfish Discussion about Goldfish
rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants Discussion about aquaria plants
rec.aquaria.freshwater.misc Miscellaneus freshwater aquaria discussion
rec.aquaria.marketplace Aquaria marketplace
rec.aquaria.misc Miscellaneus aquaria discussion Aquaria technology
sci.aquaria Scientific aquaria matters
alt.aquaria General aquaria discussion