Gérard Mermoz

31 May 1947 at Pertuis, France.

Studied literature and art history at the Faculté des Lettres et Sciences Humaines d'Aix-en-Provence, France. Licence es-Lettres (1969), Maitrise d'Italien (1970), Maitrise d'Histoire de l'Art (1972), MA in Electronic Graphic (Coventry University,1995).

Moved to England in 1973. Taught art and design history,then visual communication: Senior Lecturer in Visual Communication, Liverpool Polytechnic (1985-1991) Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design at Coventry University (1991-present), where he teaches typography and multimedia on the BA Honours in Graphic Design and on the MA course in Electronic Graphics.
Encourages experimentation in the search for/towards a broader 'functionalism' (multiple functionalities), integrating semiotic, social and aesthetic concerns (see EMIGRE article).

Recent Posters from Czechoslovakia (1981); Grapus: the floating Image (1984); personal work: collages and sculptures (1981, 1984).

exhibition design:
'1789' poster exhibition commemorating the bi-cenrenary of the French Revolution, Liverpool (1989).

Various articles on art and design history and theory in Novum, Idea, Art History, Communication et Langage.
Since 1991 has focused his research and visual practice on typography: 'Masks on Hire': In search of typographic histories, Visible Language, 28.3 (1995:105-115).
Le corps du texte: pour une théorie multifonctionelle de la typography, Communication et Langage, Part 1: n.;105 (Sept. 1995); Part 2: n.; 108, Spring 1996. Typography and Reference, EMIGRE #36 (1995).

ICOGRADA, Lisbon (1995); Rencontres Internationales de Lure (1994, 1995); Interface3, Hamburg (1995); Typography: new era new language, Manchester (1995).

Current work (Reading and Writing in Electronic Space), with specific references to philosophy, semiotics and the traditions of experimental arts (painting, music, film), explores the role of typography in the structuring and presentation of information in a multimedia environment.
DEAR JOHN: multimedia hypertext about experimental typography (FUSE fonts), featured in R. Poynor, Typography Now: Two, London (1996). Presented at the Rencontres Internationales de Lure, Lurs, France (August 95); Interface3, Hamburg (November 1995); Typography: new era new language, Manchester (November 1996). Exhibited at Station Arts Electroniques, Galerie du Cloître, Rennes, France (15-23 March 1996).
Related theoretical texts published in the acts of the Manchester (1996) and Interface3 symposia (1996/97).

Member of the Rencontres Internationales de Lure.

Currently looking for sympathetic context (an international experimental arts school?) in which to explore typography in all the variety of its functions; as the visible expression of language in a multimedia context, outside the constraints of the current economic recession.

Will present a paper on the theme: Deconstruction and the Typography of Books at the next Brno Biennale: 18-23 June 1996.'