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Editorial Blau, a Lisbon-based publisher specialising in high-quality, bilingual books on architecture, is proud to announce the launch of the official 1998 Lisbon World Exposition publication "EXPO '98 Architecture", a stunning 216 page monograph in full colour covering every thematic pavilion and architectural novelty at the last World's Fair of the millenium. The book includes drawings, plans, sections, elevations, photographs and texts in both English and Portuguese written exclusively for Blau by prominent architects and architectural critics, extracts from which we will soon be including here. To celebrate this long-awaited release, we are offering the hard cover version of the book for the same price as the paperback if purchased before January 31st 1999. So order your copy while stocks last!

Editorial Blau's best-selling, critically acclaimed Portuguese Monograph Collection now includes four works on three of Portugal's most famous architects: "Fernando Távora", "Eduardo Souto Moura", "Álvaro Siza, 1954-1976" and "Álvaro Siza, 1986-1985". Produced in the same 216 page, full colour format, these beautiful monographs are true works of art. As Hans Van Dijk writes in a recent issue of Archis:

"Portugal does not have a tradition in the field of architecture publications, which is why it is not only remarkable but above all gratifying that Editorial Blau has commenced with a series of fully fledged monographs. These books cannot be faulted; a generous selection of drawings, details of buildings and photographs provide a useful insight into the architects' work. Anyone spurred on by this and wanting to find out more about the work presented and what has been published about it, is excellently served by the reference sections at the end of the book. In short, these are comprehensive and perfect examples of what monographs should be."

We hope that our page will not only encourage you to order one or more books from our catalogue, but will guide you on a virtual tour of EXPO '98 and also help disseminate the work of Portugal's most famous architects. So whether you're here by chance, for educational or leisure purposes, feel free to look around. Enjoy!

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